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Custom JBL 4733 (Dual 15” w/ 2″ Horn) DETAILS
Custom High Output LAB Concert Subwoofer (2000 watts each) DETAILS
EAW JF260z Compact 2-Way Loudspeaker (12″ w/ Horn)
JBL SRX4722 Compact 2-Way Loudspeaker (12″ w/ Horn)
JBL SRX712M Stage Monitor
Custom Dual 15″ Stage Monitor (Dual JBL2226H w/ 2″ JBL2450 Horn) DETAILS
Custom Single 15″ Stage Monitor (JBL2226H w/ 2″ JBL2450 Horn) DETAILS
EAW FR250z Dual 15″ Subwoofer
JBL MP418SP Powered 18″ Subwoofer

Crown I-Tech 9000
Crown I-Tech 8000
Crown XTi 2000
Crown K2
Crown Macro Tech 2400
Crown Macro Tech 600

32 Channel Soundcraft Spirit Live 4 2 (Front Of House Mixing Console)
32 Channel Soundcraft Monitor 2 (Monitor Mixing Console)
24 Channel Yamaha MG24/14FX Mixing Console
16 Channel JBL Eon Music Mix 16 Portable Mixer

DBX Driverack 480
DBX Driverack 260
BSS FDS336T Minidrive

DBX 266XL Compressor – Limiter
DBX 166XL Compressor – Limiter
DBX 120 XP Subharmonic Synthesizer
DBX 2231 2 Channel 31 Band EQ
BSS FCS966 Graphic EQ
Yamaha SPX 900 Reverb
Yamaha SPX 90II Reverb
Yamaha REV 500 Reverb
Lexicon MX200 Reverb
Aphex 204 Aural Exciter

150’ Snake – 32 x 8
100’ Snake – 24 x 6
8 Channel Stage Snake
Microphone Stands
Speaker Stands

Shure SM57
Shure SM58
Shure Beta 58A
Shure Beta 91 (Drum)
Audix OM2
Audix i5
Audix D6
Audix Drumset Kit (F15 / F10 / F12 / F14)
AKG D880
Direct Boxes

Shure Wireless UR4D (Dual-Channel UHF Wireless Receiver)
Shure UR1 Body Pack (Wireless Lavalier Microphone)
Shure UR2/BETA87A (Handheld Wireless Microphone)
Shure ULXP4D (Wireless Microphone Receiver)
Shure ULX2/BETA87A (Handheld Wireless Microphone)

DJ Gear
Technics SL-1200MK5
Pioneer DJM-600
Serato Scratch Live SL-1 Box

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