A Note to out of town Sound or AV companies:

So you’re not from around here but need some gear? One place where we really shine is in helping out of town sound companies, production companies, and show producers with their Denver events. Let us be your in-town warehouse with local crew who will deal with your client’s last minute changes or additions. Many production companies truck in a portion of their gear and rent the larger items from us. Perhaps you are a video company and you need a sound or lighting system for your event, give us the specs and we will handle it for you. Maybe your customer wants to bring in a band for a banquet for one night after their general session, call us for the musical instruments and the stage monitor system that the band needs. One call and we handle it all, we can make you look good!

Do you provide Event Management Services or do you just provide Sound and Lighting equipment?

We are a full service Event Production Company and we can handle all details of your event from providing all production equipment and operators down to coordinating details such as port-o-pottys.

How do I begin the event planning process with an Event Production company?

Call us or fill out the form HERE and our team at Edge Event Productions will walk you through the whole process!

I am not sure what my production needs are at my venue, what do I do?

Call us and we will send a member of our team to meet with you at your venue to assess what services you need to fulfill your vision of your event.

Does Edge Event Productions give back to the community?

Yes! Over the years Edge Event Productions has worked with many Non-Profit groups on either reduced rates or pro-bono basis. We are always looking for more ways to give back. Please email us at community@edgeeventproductions.com to request a review of your next event.

Does Edge Event Productions only do Large Scale events?

No! We do events of all sizes. We can cater to crowds of 30 to 30,000!

What if I have some other questions?

Please call us at (208) 309-5580, we would love to answer any questions you may have!